Michael Jackson Impersonator

Hollywood Boulevard

29th October, 2013

The Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame is lined with street performers impersonating celebrities and iconic characters.

Golden Gate San Francisco Sunrise

Cyclists at Sunrise

24th October, 2013
Latest by: HDR Nomad
Quite a site here. The sun looks pretty impressive.

While staying in San Francisco a couple of weeks back, I arrived at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area early in the morning – still in darkness – and waited for the days first light. When the sun eventually did appear, it brought with it incredibly intense orange and reds. I waited for some people to wander into the frame and then clicked the shutter.


Bellagio Fountains

22nd October, 2013
Latest by: admin
Thank you, Kris.

A couple of weeks back I spent two nights in Vegas while visiting the USA for a photography gallery opening in San Diego which I am a contributing photographer. I’ve seen the famous Bellagio fountains in movies before but it was amazing to see the show in person.


Balcony Sunset

25th July, 2013
Latest by: Philo
Beautiful light, futuristic atmosphere of the city.

A couple of months ago Allanah and myself bought our first home. This was the view from our balcony about a week after we moved in. We’ve seen a whole bunch of really nice sunsets since this one too.

Baby girl, Paige

Paige Close Up

20th July, 2013
Latest by: Philo
Very nice portrait, very soft.

This is my neice, Paige. She just turned 7 months old.

Rough Weather Perth Photography

Rough Weather

18th July, 2013

We experienced a little bit of rough weather a couple of days back. Many homes were damaged and without power. This is the view from our balcony of Perth City shrouded in clouds. We were thankfully unaffected by the conditions.


Red Wattlebird

24th May, 2013
Latest by: Philo
Tones are beautiful.

I photographed this Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata) yesterday while on a photo-walk through King’s Park, Perth with my partner and her new camera. It was quite tricky keeping up with this little bird while it bounced between branches!

Butterfly, Albany, Western Australia


20th May, 2013
Latest by: Dutch
Nice Beau, Good to see you trying your eye at something a bit different but still at one with nature.

A butterfly rests on a small flowering plant at Albany, in Western Australia’a Great Southern region. After shooting landscapes for the most part of the day, I decided to focus on the finer details and shoot a few macro style photographs.