Fiery Shore

Fiery Shore - Perth, Western Australia

Fiery Shore

Perth, Western Australia

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The sunset that almost got away!

On this warm summer evening in Perth, a friend of mine and I headed down to Cottesloe Beach to take some photographs of the sun setting over the ocean. After watching the sky for a while, it came time for the sun disappear over the horizon and no colour had appeared. We suspected that the clouds were too thick on the horizon and nothing special was going to happen.

Boy, were we wrong!

We were in the car park just about to leave when all of a sudden a burst of light came through the clouds. The last rays of the day lit the sky up this amazing red. “Nothing special” had turned into one of the best sun sets I have seen in a long time… Scrambling down the stairs to the sand, I only managed to take a couple of frames before the light had died off again. This is one of them.

Lesson learned. Always be prepared as you never know what is around the corner.

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