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Sugarloaf Rock » Beau Mitchell Australian Landscape Photography

Sugarloaf Rock

After a bit of a hiatus from blogging and photographing, I have just returned from an epic, although short, trip to the South-West of Western Australia with something to share.

Sugarloaf Rock is one of my favourite spots to photograph around Dunsborough, and a few days ago I had the opportunity to photograph it at sunrise. It was windy as anything, but I was determined to get the shot. After scrambling around in the dark to find a composition, I found this angle and set up my gear. I fired off just a few frames and packed up my gear. This was one of those times when I was confident I had something special.

I also shot some photos of the surrounding areas – Meelup Beach, Wyadup Beach, Cape Naturaliste, Canal Rocks. These photographs will be uploaded to the galleries shortly.

12 Responses

Stephen Williams said on April 18, 2011

Very nice Beau, great composition. Lovely tones, especially on the rock face

Emily said on April 19, 2011

Stunning, as usual.

Greg Rowe said on April 19, 2011

Great shot Beau! That’s one of my favourite spots as well. Love all that area and looking forward to getting over that way again soon

Tony Middleton` said on April 21, 2011

Amazing vibrant image Beau !

moodaholic said on May 2, 2011

This a what I call a fantastic photo. Subject, light and execution just perfect.

Andrew Brown said on May 3, 2011

Great image Beau, has that surreal feel to it.

Graham Leggate said on May 4, 2011

Lovely colors. Great job Beau.

Sandy@Shots said on May 13, 2011

Beautiful colours in the rocks. Lovely!

Benji - The Margaret River Guide said on November 6, 2011

Stunning. Love how the colours pick out the rocks and bring them to life. Weather is much better now as Summer has started. Have you got another trip planned?

Anthony Schwab said on February 19, 2012

Great colours and fantastic location. Hope I can get back to Australia and explore the West coast one day. Thank you for the beautiful photograph.

Simon Beedle said on September 27, 2012

My fav mate, love how the rock pops…

Peter Cane said on December 8, 2012

Beautiful shot. Well done.

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